“Bundala” Pictures (geddit?)

Back in Galle and glad to get air conditioning again as I forgot to specify it when I booked the Lagoon Inn and by the time I realised I was already installed and it wasn’t. A good trip, all in all, though the preponderance of rice and curry, along with the heat, made for three rather sleep-deprived nights.

My laptop – opened to write this, upload photos etc. – is infected with ants which appear from the bowels of the machine as fast as I can squish them. If all else fails, being in the hold of an aircraft should sort them out.

Here are a few photos from Bundala: pretty dubious quality but like all bad workmen I’ll blame my little point and shoot camera.

An unfortunate brand name

Spooky water buffalo

It always surprises me to see peacocks in trees: somehow I feel they shouldn’t really be able to fly.

Painted Stork

Lesser Adjutant Stork

White Ibis: one of my favourites

Salt Pans

Google Earth view of the Salt pans

Hanging Parrot

Hanging Parrot hanging out of its nest in hollow tree trunk


Blue-tailed Bee Eater

Tusker approaching at moderate speed

Kingfisher (?) photobombed by monkey



3 responses to ““Bundala” Pictures (geddit?)

  1. Good pics! I saw your video of the monkeys on FB too, they’re funny things! I must admit that my memory of them is marred from witnessing their “adult activities” when visiting Yala… I was a bit mentally scarred! Good you saw some elephants in a wilder setting. Safe journey home when you head off, look forward to chatting when you’re back. x

  2. Thanks, Jo. I gather you’re about to join the ranks of the employed. Well done!

  3. Wow looks absolutely amazing!

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