Wooh – Hooh!

Tuesday lunchtime. Replacement router, speed great again. Posting some stuff I wrote last night. Assuming it continues OK, I’ll do more later.

A week or two back, during a chat with Rick and Nadia, the topic of a Treasure Hunt for kids (Americans apparently call it a Scavenger Hunt) came up. I floated the idea of doing something in the Fort Area, which is pretty well enclosed by walls and ramparts and the traffic is a bit more leisurely. Being an historical area, there would be plenty of “treasure” for such an event and I suggested we could make it fairly hi-tech with clues and answers being distributed in real time by smart phone, which might also be used for navigation: each of the two oldest pupils has a personal smart phone. Given that the whole of the primary section only amounts to seven kids – to be deployed in two teams – it should be manageable and we’d have a low-tech backup if technology failed us. Given the quality of “service” Dialog seems to be capable of delivering, that’s not at all impossible.

I should have kept my mouth shut ‘cos I’m now tasked with organising it for my last working week here, probably Wed. 8th March. At least if it all goes pear-shaped I’ll only have a couple of days before I can escape and hide my head in embarrassment. To be honest, I think organising it will be rather fun and I’m already getting stuck into the research.

I’m still struggling with getting a confirmation of my booking at Ibis in Tangalle: today is Monday and I should be there Wednesday. I did get an initial answer to a query I sent by text but since then – despite several attempts to get a booking confirmed – I’ve heard absolutely nothing at all. I don’t know whether to blame Dialog, the Ibis management or even – angels and ministers of grace defend us! – myself, though I honestly can’t see where I’ve slipped up. I think I’ll just screw my courage to the sticking place and go regardless: if Ibis turns out to have burnt to the ground in the last 72 hours or something, I’m sure I’ll find somewhere else to sleep: they have hammocks between the palms if all else fails. Incidentally, don’t confuse the Ibis in Tangalle with a French multinational hotel chain of the same name: there’s not a lot of similarity!




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