Est-ce que c’est un blog? Non, c’est les rougeurs.

Harping back for a while to last night’s insect infestation, I was interested to note thousands of insect wings lying on the tiles outside the flats this morning. Whatever those things are – or were – they appeared last night, shed their wings and headed off before I was up at sixish. Ephemeral or what?

Still on the theme of the local fauna, I caught a shot of a somewhat distressed monitor lizard in our kitchen. I don’t know if they bite people – quite probably, if under duress, I imagine; so given my history of spider bites, insect swarms and mysterious rashes, I was taking no risks. And I’m a wasp magnet back home. I will try to post a picture, but the bandwidth has gone again: I’m obviously using more than Sera anticipated.

Moving on to flora, I was fascinated watching a “boy” – the school gardener’s assistant perhaps – climbing one of the coconut trees. He shot up it like a monitor lizard leaving a communal kitchen, but with rather more grace. I’ve seen guys do it in The Gambia and they generally tie a loop of rope round themselves and the tree, shifting it up as they climb: this provides a safety feature of sorts and will help leave their hands free when they start to hack off coconuts. None of that ElfNSafety here: the lad just hugged the tree with feet and arms then sort of ran up it on all fours and started removing the nuts. Presumably he hung on up there with his teeth. I grabbed a photo but a mark in the lens, shooting  at an awkward angle and dodging raining coconuts all took their toll on the picture.

Broadening our field of interest to include animal, vegetable and mineral; I think my unexplained rash is slowly on the mend. At least it’s not got noticeably worse. My crepe bandage sparked some interest at school today, but I will leave it to you to decide whether I was attempting to elicit sympathy or merely to keep it clean. I’ll keep you up to date and promise to mention it if amputation is in the offing.

The trip to Madol Duva that was postponed due to the weather is back on again: a week on Friday, which is perfect from my point of view as I’m hoping to have a wee trip away this weekend to somewhere a bit quieter than Colombo.

Anyway, I’m about to go and give French and English lessons. I spoke to Sera this morning about getting my room cleaned, but Amjit is having a couple of days off and Sera did agree to provide clean towel and sheets in the interim until Amjit gets back in a day or two. I’ll go to my lessons with the old sheets etc. and force the issue. There wouldn’t have been a lot of point in cleaning the room anyway, as the next swarm of “flying ants” has already arrived and I have a few fluttering around already, with some in their towel-induced death throes. I may not want to use a clean towel in the same way!

PS Pictures impossible to post. According to Sera, they are indeed flying ants. Medical advice winging its way from Scotland suggests I have cellulitis and should go to a doctor for banty-iotics (as a junior member of our family used to say). So that’s another adventure in the offing.


2 responses to “Est-ce que c’est un blog? Non, c’est les rougeurs.

  1. Sorry the “rash” isn’t clearing up satisfactorily I had cellulitis when I was pregnant with S.E.but I had no rash and it was incredibly painful.

  2. Thanks for your concern. I clearly remember your cellulitis and you “bum”ping your way down stairs. Mine, at least so far, is nothing like as bad: a bit tight, a bit swollen, a bit throbby. Hope to see doctor in an hour or so on Tina C’s advice.

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