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Yesterday I did something technically wrong, but – I think – justified under circumstances. Last year I ended up staying at Sera’s more or less due to a chance meeting: I found it convenient, friendly and very good value. This year, it was natural I should head back to Sera Villa, and I’m glad I did. However, this double long-stay endorsement is no use to Sera, who does his international business through He therefore asked me to go on to and make a dummy booking for a few nights when I’m already here. This will allow me to post a review on the website: something I’m happy to do. So I’ve booked to stay here on the 1st February and there’s no deposit.

After work today, I went into town: it looked like rain but I missed the most of it: now at 8:30pm it’s chucking it down with occasional distant thunder. I fell asleep on my bed and was a bit late for my IT lesson: I’ve never found Access very exciting at the best of times. Vanushka has suggested leaving the French for a bit, which is great from my point of view, so Thursday is English. I do think his English has come on in the last year: perhaps mixing with the foreigners staying here has helped? I also briefly saw Sulakshi for the first time this trip.

Tomorrow is Burns’ Night and I hope it’s dry otherwise we’ll have to convene in the communal kitchen. I had a text from Rick this evening saying that Kris wondered if they should bring something and also inviting me to join them on Friday night for drinks and dinner, along with some other friends of theirs. Needless to say, I’ve accepted.

Given my burgeoning evening social life, you may not hear from me for a day or two.


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