Today’s our last on Lanzarote: tomorrow (6th) we return to Inverness, Sonia with a long weekend prior to returning to work, me with a few days before my jaunt to Sri Lanka.We were fortunate to have chosen yesterday for La Graciosa as today is cooler, cloudier and the wind has partially returned.


Up the road from the Caserio is El Monumento del Campesino with its associated museum. I knew it was there, but for the first couple of days mistook Cesar Manrique’s sculpture for a large mobile phone mast.  The museum blends into the landscape so well as to be unnoticeable.We’re both really impressed by the standard of these museums etc.: they are often free and always good value. Today’s was free, gratis and for nothing, offering cheap hands-on sessions in a variety of local crafts such as cookery, ceramics, basketry etc. Whilst these were obviously just tasters and inducements to tourists to buy the genuine article, they served several other purposes, notably employment of artisans as tutors and cultural education of visitors – both Spanish and extranjeros. There were also interesting and well-planned displays of milling methods, religious architecture and similar. We thoroughly enjoyed the visit to this gem on our doorstep.


An early design of hand grinder!

We spent a very lazy afternoon, Sonia dozing and me reading: perhaps the way a holiday should be at times!

Finished off with an excellent meal: I do like a bloody steak. That’s it for now, but watch this space for news from SL.



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