Going home

Last night’s meal was great again: a large canellono (?) stuffed with mushrooms and bathed in a Bechamel sauce. Not a wolf fart in sight. This was followed by veal: perhaps, as calves are vegetarian the Spanish think you get your vegetables by the back door, so to speak. In order to give Ben – developer of G&T ice cream – some ideas, I went off-menu and chose balsamic vinegar ice cream served with ‘iogort’ and various trimmings. It was excellent, but I’ll probably have to give Ben a more perceptive description.


Dateline 1410 Barcelona Airport, Gates M.
Easyjet would like to inform passengers the scheduled 1510 flight to London Gatwick is running about 35 minutes late: we apologise for any inconvenience.
OK, I’m as well waiting here as I am in LGW snow (or whatever the weather is) and there’s plenty of slack.

The journey through Barcelona went much more smoothly than it did a week ago: it helped not throwing myself onto trains going the wrong direction. I must remember that useful tip.

(Not the old TV Religious Thought for the Day stuff, nor the Rikki Fulton take-off!)
I’ve enjoyed this trip. The weather has been great, the villages picturesque and charming, the hotels at least adequate and generally much better than that. You’ll have gathered I liked the food. I always find it surprising – and I shouldn’t by now – to be twice the height of the run-of-the-mill Scottish Munro and meet cattle, farmers and even villages. This high-altitude farming and the forestry gives the mounatins a rather tame appearance – obviously an illusion, especially in the winter. On that level, I prefer the Scottish hills which are wilder, less inhabited and treeless at altitude. But the Pyrenees have a number of attraction – weather, culture and food amongst them.
Macs Adventures have delivered another good trip, though I have to give the credit for all the local groundwork to Catalan Adventures. Now for a few minor complaints: I’m not au fait with the restrictions that Catalan Adventures are working within, but I’m not completely convinced that the trip merited two un-allocated days, nor that the return to Camprodon was a good idea. The local authority make much in their advertising and tourist information about the huge network of paths, but I wonder whether the area I was walking in had the capacity to sustain a week’s trekking: on the other hand, it was billed as Catalan Villages and as such we saw several cracking little villages, so maybe my emphasis is a little out of kilter with the aims of the holiday. Whatever, my overall rating for the experience would be high.

For completeness: we got on board the LGW-INV flight to be warned by the pilot of a lengthy wait on the tarmac and possible diversion to another airport, but the dire predictions resolved themselves in about 15mins delay and no diversion, so is good.


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