The prodigal returns…

My tuk-tuk driver from yesterday was booked to take me to the bus stop at noon for a 12:45 bus, masses of time so I’d still be able to walk if he didn’t show. In fact some other guy, claiming to be his representative, appeared and had hardly started on the road down the hill to Ella when he tried persuading me that he had “very good information” and a friend was driving back to Tissa and would take me for half price – about £20. It was tempting but I refused to commit until I’d spoken to the guy with the car and looked the vehicle over. The whole thing collapsed as the friend had already found someone willing to pay more, but I ended up getting a bus at 12:10 that would drop me off at a road junction 7km from Tissa for £1. From there, a tuk-tuk took me to Tissa and another to Lake View Cottage, where one of the staff excitedly recognised me and seemed delirious with joy at my return.
LVC is actually closed and I’m the only resident! I’m not sure where the misunderstanding arose, but the guy who greeted me was expecting some VIP connected with the French President! Nevertheless, he seemed genuinely pleased to see me and several of the things he said showed he did really remember me. What a memory! Six weeks or so ago I was here for two nights and there must have been masses of others in the meantime. I don’t think I over tipped when I was here!
This time I have an upstairs room overlooking the lake and there really aren’t many better places to be. I’m sitting on a large balcony and the breeze is blowing through the palms, making a sound like rain, a peacock is strutting through the grounds doing cat imitations and I’ve had a shower. What more could I want? Apart from beaming Sonia in on some Star trek-inspired tractor beam. I’ll just have to ask for a chilled Lion beer instead.
I’ve checked and, despite my being the only resident, the kitchen will be operational. I don’t want escargots, pate de foie gras and Chateauneuf du Pape though. On the other hand, if they mistakenly bought it in for some French diplomat, I’d be happy to take it off their hands as a favour.
I had a long chat with the guy about the way everything is commercialised these days. He started it in connection with religion – I’d mentioned Sri Pada, which he won’t climb for that very reason – and we widened it to cover politics and virtually all fields of human endeavour. I was delighted we are in complete agreement.

Later, the boss arrived and has said he’s so delighted to see me I can stay free tonight. I suspect him of an April Fool. We’ll see in the morning at checkout time.

Having generally tried to dodge such stuff, I have tonight ordered rice and curry for my evening meal.IMG_20160401_190345 I’m not really a curry fan and the guy who cooked this probably thought it was laughably mild, but I did enjoy my rice and curry. Starting at twelve  and going clockwise: curried carrots, curried chicken, curried green beans, poppadums, dahl, curried potatoes, some sort of coconut, with rice in the middle. I couldn’t finish it. Now let’s see if I sleep well. I hae ma doots.


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