The End is Nigh…

My last night in Dalhousie was marked by an incredible storm. It went on for about four hours, power was on and off ad nauseam, WiFi disappeared completely. The evening meal was just as poor as the previous one, because it was exactly the same, with the addition of some chunks of boiled pumpkin.

This morning, the skies were clear, I enjoyed my return run to Hatton and the “semi luxury” bus didn’t break down.IMG_20160329_082026

I had a longish wait for the train, followed by the usual mad scramble to get on. I was brought up too well and helped a lady with bags and a small child, thereby losing my chance of a seat.

However, instant karma came into play in the form of a small red haired girl aged 6 (7 next month!) who consulted her American parents and offered me her seat. We became firm friends, sharing my chocolate biscuits, being given a bit of “origami” she’d made and letting her play games on my Kindle. We took turns in the seat and the journey to Nuwara Eliya’s station passed in no time.

My hunch that if I negotiated my way past the tuk-tuk drivers I’d find a bus into town proved correct and the trusty GPS even saved me from going into the centre as I got off at the road end.

The Single Tree Hotel where I’m staying is rather quaint. It consists of two houses, with accommodation in one which is full of stripped pine. The service could, if one were kind, be described as “leisurely”. I’ve chummed up with a young Parisian couple (systems analyst and buyer fro petrol company). We’ve booked a shared car to Horton Plains tomorrow at 5:30am and have had a wander into town as well, past the race course and some vaguely European looking houses. So tomorrow the world ends!


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