Down at the Y


The Colombo YMCA is undoubtedly one of the worst – if not the worst – places I have ever stayed. It has two advantages: it’s handy for the railway station and it’s dirt cheap at a tenner a night so I shouldn’t complain. But I will.

The Guide makes it clear we’re talking “budget“ but calls the communal toilets and showers “clean”. A misnomer if there ever were one. Anyway, it’s been a long day. Was it only this morning teeny tots were supposedly demonstrating Kandyan Dancing and I was wandering round TGS in a sarong?

I’m going to try to sleep now (7-40pm!) but am drenched with sweat and likely to be kept awake by the noise of the inefficient fan which is just managing to spread the smoke from the mosquito coil round the room but not provide a cooling draught. I’m just back from Pizza Hut and have to be back at the station soon after 6am, so goodnight.

Friday morning
The Luxury train is comfortable, to about UK second class but like so many of these projects it is suffering from a lack of maintenance. Nevertheless, comfy seats, more than average space and air con. The windows are smaller than you’d expect on an observation carriage and not well positioned in relation to the seats. I can see out by leaning forward or back but in between there’s a six inch wide metal pillar. The folk in the seat behind me have no window at all. There is an open area between our carriage and the common people, so I might go there for the views.

I also have WiFi on the train, so will grab the opportunity of posting from my Kindle.


One response to “Down at the Y

  1. Not a good start to your tour. Hopefully things will improve. Sx

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