Post haste

No rambling reflections, no provocative comments and no daily minutiae in today’s blog.

After tomorrow’s end of term and premature New Year celebrations at TGS, I am catching the 3:30pm train to Colombo as the start of my grand tour of the Hill Country. A night in Colombo’s YMCA will lead on to catching the luxury observation carriage to Kandy on Good Friday and a couple of days sightseeing. After that two nights at Dalhousie, interrupted by a very early start (2am?) will let me climb Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada) to reach the top by dawn and see Buddha’s Footprint. Next will be Nuwara Eliya and World’s End at some ungodly hour, followed by a walk round the Horton Plains National Park. That will be followed by a night in Ella (so-called typical English village), then a bus to Tissamaharama, where I had a night at Lake View Cottage earlier in this SL trip. Then it’s back to Galle on 2nd April.

That’s the plan and I have my accommodation booked, but I really don’t know how it will all work out or whether I’ll have Internet access, let alone the time or energy to write much, so you may get a holiday from my musings.

I know a number of my loyal followers are looking forward to their Easter break and I wish them all well in their well-earned rest.

I’m told I have to wear a sarong tomorrow at TGS and one of the staff is going to plunder her father’s wardrobe for the purpose. It should be fun. I’ll take lots of photos – judging by today’s rehearsal, the kids’ dances will be worth seeing – but goodness knows if or when you’ll see them.

Anyway, that’s it for now.


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