Having the Right Connections

Today was Dr Wright’s after-school talk to staff and parents. I went over early in case I could be useful, but I couldn’t: at least not much before the start time when I stacked a few excess chairs, found a stool and chatted to a couple of parents. There was some difficulty connecting the speaker’s Apple to the school’s projector, but Angela got stuck in and eventually the presentation was converted from Keynote to Powerpoint format, copied to Angela’s laptop and all went well. Dr Wright was quite interesting, though I’d heard a lot of it –and forgotten it, due to my age – before.

She talked about the importance of parents’ impact on kids, knocked out some interesting statistics and involved the parents and staff in a number of activities to help her make her points. I was a “zero” in one hundred billion, which is the number of brain cells in a newly born child’s brain. Luckily, the Maths teacher was the “one”, so she knew where to stand. Scientists apparently believe there are about a billion stars in our galaxy, so that helped to put the neonate brain into perspective. She spoke about sugar (bad) and strawberries (good) as well as neuroplasticity, the need for sleep, the malign influence of blue light from laptops, radiation from mobile phones and the like. I’m sure there was more. I was asked to take photos on the school camera. The one I’ve attached was just a quickie with my mobile phone.

About 3:30 – later than planned due to our technical problems – I went into town for some late lunch. The journey back coincided with the “opposition’s” parade through the streets and it was sheer chaos. The bus was full, so I gave my sweaty armpits an airing by hanging on to the rail in the bus ceiling: that wouldn’t have been so bad if lots of other people – many of whom were required to invade my personal space – hadn’t also been forced to do the same. Add to that the heat and the manic stop-start driving due to the klaxon-wielding “opposition” and it would count as one of the less enjoyable bus journeys.

Tomorrow, apart from Assembly, is a day off.

Dr Wright

Dr Wright

traffic jam

Traffic Jam

bike air con

Scooter with Air Con


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