Interest Flags

Not a lot of news today: a day in school (if you can call 7:30 to 1:30 a “day”) with nothing particularly noteworthy other than that Rick’s information that there might be a power cut came to nothing. I suspect the Electricity Company, who must desperately be trying to get the supply on a stable footing, are giving belts and braces warnings. I suppose there’s still time as it’s just 5:45pm as I write this.

Tomorrow’s speaker at TGS was shown round by the bechiffoned Mrs Gall (who has a passing resemblance, now I come to think of it, to the Queen Mother – when she was younger and not dead, I hasten to add) and I was introduced by her as their “Doug of All Trades”. Knowing the phrase usually ends “and Master of None”, I thought I did very well to bite my tongue. Rick has asked me to be official photographer and video cameraman at the Inset session tomorrow, so that’s another trade to which to add my lack of mastery!

I have come to the conclusion I could have been a good primary teacher. Even with very little practice, I have developed a new pseudo-empathetic persona and can listen with apparent interest and relevant comments to stories about the possibly imaginary events of the children’s lives and accounts of the activities of the family dog, even the arrival of a new baby and blood coming from Mummy’s tummy, etc. I think there is one possible snag, however: primary teachers in Scotland tend to have classes of more than five. Whether I could face 20 or more of the little dears with the necessary equanimity, I rather doubt.

I may have mentioned the recent blossoming of flags in the streets, particularly noticeable on the main road I cross to leave “home” and enter TGS. They are large and tied to trees, lamp posts, overhead power lines etc. and of two designs – Black, Yellow and Black horizontal stripes and similarly configured Maroon, White and Blue. When one appeared tied to a tree in our garden I asked Vanushka and he said it’s because of a forthcoming cricket match between former pupils of two of Galle’s well-known schools, one of which he attends. Later, Sera confirmed this is the 111th fixture between the schools and the town does seem to be buzzing. I don’t know whether Sera’s family will go to the match on Saturday or if I’ll be marshalled into attending. It takes place in the big cricket ground between the bus station and the entrance to the Fort, where I think Jo’s Ben played a match or two when he was in SL.

This afternoon the “Richmondites” paraded past the house. There were possibly a hundred vehicles with a wide variety of numbers of wheels. There were horns blaring, flags flying, klaxons screaming, bands playing, passengers sitting on the window sills of cars, PA systems pumping out the beat, a few enthusiasts in fancy dress, lots of cheering and shouting with pillion passengers wrapped in the Maroon, White and Blue. Some of the white stripes were actually pale blue and I wondered if they had run in the wash. I suppose the other lot will have to have their parade as well.

This evening’s conversation class with S&V centred on SL New Year. I used the photos I posted a week or two back so there was plenty to talk about and I learned at least as much as they did. Tonight’s snack was egg rotti, accompanied by a cup of swee tea with condensed (evaporated? I always confuse them!) milk.

Over and Out.


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