Feet Notes

I’m starting with a “footnote” to yesterday. I wrote “I’ll never learn to keep my mouth shut.” How true! By the time I’d posted that, my foot had developed two large blisters – more than 24 hours after the bites – and was quite painful. I decided to lance them, sterilised the area with hand gel and bandaged it. Then I set about lathering myself with permethrin cream: there’s never a junior doctor around when you need one!


Today was the end of my “working week” and I spent much of it across the road at TGS.

By coincidence, both Angela and Rick asked me about blogging and I ended up showing them this far-fetched farrago of fantasy and fact. I didn’t mind doing this as I don’t expect to end up slagging off my neighbourhood school, unlike others I might mention.

The school has an up-coming tenth anniversary and the staff are looking at ways of celebrating this. One plan is to extend the already well-designed website by encouraging students past and present to contribute their thoughts and reminiscences of their time at TGS, with a blog or blogs being an integral part of the plan. Angela and I chewed over a few ideas with Scratch, Muvizu and GameMaker possibly playing a role. However, most of the day was spent with kids and again I was struck by their interested enthusiasm.

At the end of the school day, I headed into Galle town centre again and had lunch: nothing remarkable in that except that I’ve ended up eating two days in a row. I mustn’t make a habit of this or my waistline will revert to its pre Sri Lankan dimensions.

I’ll take the risk of saying I think my flea is quiescent – possibly it has gone to meet its maker – and my blistered foot is returning to normal. But watch this space!




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