The best laid plans…

Monday, so back to the salt mines today, looking forward to a busier day and some Computing to get my teeth into.

Imagine my disappointment, then, when I was told it was Sports Day and classes were cancelled. Not only that, but the eight period day I’m now used to has been changed into a ten period one instead, leaving me the problem of how to map classes on the old timetable onto the new one. Earnest questions on my part and half-assed explanations in return seem to indicate that the lessons have all been shortened and two extra periods have been added to the day for the Primary section to have “Drill” and for the Secondary to do “Squad”, whatever these are. The two Primary extras are first thing in the morning, whilst the others get theirs inserted later in the morning. Beyond that, I know notheeng.

I started my school day, after Assembly which failed to clarify the situation, by watching the Juniors do some sort of dancing / pompom waving etc. out on the field. This may have been “Drill”, or it may have been some sort of warm-up for the sports. It also turned out the class I read to are too young to partake of the various sporting delights on offer, so I read “Five Minutes Peace” – another book in the “Large Family” (elephants, of course) to my wee ones. This led, by a convoluted route, to me telling them – nay, acting out – “The Three Little Pigs”, complete with voices and scary huffing and puffing.

Then I sloped off to watch the sports for a while.

When I got home, hot and sweaty in the humid air, I remembered being told after last week’s power cut that it would happen again today. The room was thus without fan or air con until 6pm. If I’d remembered, I’d have gone into town or something. But I didn’t, so I passed the time by falling into a sweaty stupor for an hour or so, then reading. During the afternoon, the heavens opened and a real tropical rainstorm struck. Thunder crashed, rain hammered down and I must admit I was quite glad I hadn’t gone into town. Every cloud…

I’m told the Sports will continue for a bit of tomorrow – perhaps just the start of the day, so I may get some teaching under my belt before I head back across the road to TGS on Wednesday. TGS does seem to be better organised. (Maybe I shouldn’t have said that!)



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