A moving experience

The move went smoothly and it certainly looks as though I’ve made a good choice. Sera seemed happy with his 25000/- for February, so it’s less than a fiver a day, though he may charge an arm and a leg for power & water. The room is brand new and I’m their first client in their new venture, so all is very smart: shiny glazed floor tiles, new curtains etc. and a big a/c unit. Sera and his wife seem keen to do everything they can to make the stay comfortable. A chair has arrived after I dropped a hint and I’m told a table will be found too. The wi-fi doesn’t reach my room, but is available from the porch of their house, so that’s good. We’re situated on a busy road, so there is some traffic noise, but it’s not too bad as there is a stretch of garden between. The room has 3 mains sockets, one of them the standard UK format, so I’ll be well off for power.

Naturally, the plot is a bit of a building site at the moment as workmen toil to get the remaining rooms ready, and there’s plenty of construction noise. That should stop in a day or two and besides I’ll be at work for part of the time.

Sera took me round in his car to show me the way to school by the bus, but I have to admit I got confused. Later, I set out walking with my gps and feel sure I can do it in 30 minutes, though I’ll give myself 45 tomorrow. There’s a little shop – more of a booth really – next door, so I’ll be able to get essentials there.

No doubt I’ll find – or invent – things to moan about, but just now it’s fine.

Here’s one already: I miss the pool!

After my guided tour, I repaired to the Fort for a meal: yesterday was a fast day, so I felt peckish and the Jambo (sic) prawns, chips and salad went down a treat. The description doesn’t do the prawns justice as they were huge: I’m sure they’d sell as little lobsters or langoustes in the UK. Later I bought an ice-cream on a stick from a 3-wheeler van.

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