A Lazy Saturday

It’s been a very lazy day: I did sit at the poolside, with the plan of having a last swim at the Hillside, but Chaminda’s kids were in it, so I left them to it. Apart from doing some washing, that’s energetic as it got.

The washing machine was a hotel-sized beast made in China, the drum much bigger than back home and unintellible to the Western eye: luckily Quintus was on hand… It was a top-loader and worked whether or not the lid was closed. But it didn’t seem to have much of a spin cycle and everything was dripping at the end of the wash. Quintus pointed to the tumble dryer, but I reckoned the stuff was far too wet and a lot of my “adventure wear” is non-tumble. By this evening, after a good wringing out, all is dry and packed for my decamping tomorrow.

The next excitement of the day was another “iced coffee” from Quintus: I suspect it’s Nesquik or its local variant, but very welcome on a warm day.

I’m not sure about Internet access in my new home, so you may not hear from me for a day or two.


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