Climate Change?

Well, so much for the weather-lore of 13yr old girls. And the “Rough Guide”, to be fair. Today it rained.

Today is a “poya” day: first day of the new moon and the chanting started about 5:00. It went on until about 7:00, by which time I’d had another doze and felt brave enough to try making my first cup of tea to start the day. After 15 minutes I decided the water wasn’t going to get any hotter, so poured the hot water onto some tealeaves in a cup. Later came the powdered milk. Despite the white globules on the top and the leaves at the bottom, the middle bit was not bad at all.

It was hot and sweltry this morning, more so than usual. Unsure of the implications of the holy day, rather than head into Galle, I slobbed around the pool reading. A few fat lazy drops fell on a couple of occasions, but not enough to move me from my garden chair. By three o’clock I needed to be active, so I went for a walk. Downhill, I found a wee shop which stocked Ginger Beer: for reasons too complicated to go into, I came away with three EGBs and a bottle of water. On the way I passed a huge party in a hotel or posh home: I was also accosted on a couple of occasions by a group of three Sri Lankans who had apparently been imbibing too much of the Buddhist equivalent of the mass wine. They were harmless and easily dodged. Two tips: never stop in an exotic country and look lost and when pushed against your will to shake hands, grab the outside of the profferred wrist and shake, smiling and still walking. Having walked down, I felt I justified grabbing a tuk-tuk to go back up in the heat.

About 10 minutes after I got back the monsoon started. I’m sure Crocodile Trincomalee would laugh and say: “That? … No, no, no… this is a monsoon”, but it’s quite impressive to me. There is distant thunder and the air does feel a bit lighter and noticeably noticeably cooler. The design of The Hillside is such that the first floor balcony has the second floor above it, with the roof extending beyond the balconies, so very little water falls at my doorway.


One response to “Climate Change?

  1. I’m talking nonsense: poya day is full moon day. I knew that perfectly well (I’d done my homework) so I don’t know what I was thinking of. Sorry.

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