Nothing much

Some more adjustments to my timetable: I’ve lost a class, but agreed to some “cover” work. That’ll be fine as we can always find something to, but the knock-on effect is that I’ll need to be there for the whole school day, as opposed to drifting in late two days a week!

After school, I found a not-so-supermarket and got some supplies. (I forgot to buy tea in Sri Lanka!) After discussion with Quintus, I got another adaptor and now the fridge, laptop, chargers etc. will all plug in. We’ll find whether the system can stand a kettle when I get some tea. I’m not happy at plugging in the microwave: partly as I don’t have anything to clean it with and also because of electrical fires. I might get away with one cup at a time in the travel kettle. One plate, cup, knife, fork and spoon complete my bachelor pad. Tonight may be tinned mackerel and bread. Breakfast will have the luxury of mango jam and bread!

I will try to have the occasional meal out to provide some variety. Talking of which, with the end of my working week in sight, I may go down to Unawatuna at the weekend: a beautiful bay a few kilometres south of Gall where I hope to do my PADI course in the near future.

I gather there’s a lot of ice, snow and general meteorological unpleasantness back home. I feel your pain.

I’ll try to add a few photos taken over the last couple of days. One’s of the fish market. Most were in a Buddhist temple in Galle, including a “we are one” or something cross-religion (if you see what I mean) art show. I liked this “Islam” picture. The other two are my “kitchen” and wiring.IMG_0003 IMG_0002 islam statuary 2 statuary 1 Galle fishing harbour




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