Home Visit

As arranged, the guy who owns the apartments, name of Sarah (spelling?) collected me. We were driven by another chap – another garment maker – in a swish car with air-con and digital readouts. He said he supplies Asda’s George range with clothes, so seems to be doing well.

I liked the look of this potential new home: one of four or five new build apartments in a low-rise bungalow. They drove me round to show me how close the school is. In truth, it’s not very close but it would be walkable: they pointed out shortcuts that were impassable by car and they promised to help me find my way to start with. We had orange juice in Sarah’s modest, but well-appointed house and I met his wife: wifi appears to be available at least in their living area, but I didn’t test the theory. It all looks promising.

However, there is – as always – a snag. It’s not finished! One of the rooms is in use and I met a young lady who seems to be running some sort of business from there. Reputable business, I should say! Her room is nicely finished with tiles, the en suite looks clean, smart and modern, but “my” room is still a concrete shell, awaiting tiles, power sockets, air-con etc. I expressed some disappointment, backed up by lots of praise for the place and we’ve come to an arrangement: he thinks he can get the place tiled and wired etc. in the space of a week and I’ve arranged to move in, on that basis. I think he’s cutting it fine and indicated I would stretch to 10 days, but after that no deal. Anyway, move scheduled for next Sunday. We’ll see. There is a brand-new, unfinishedand unequipped communal kitchen. We have both agreed he won’t get that finished in time and that they can provide meals (at a price): alternatively, I may eat a meal out after work and that would suffice.

It is literally right across the road from the Thomas Gall School, which I definitely plan to visit at an early opportunity.

All this aside, tomorrow I start at the Leeds International School, primary section. At least I think I’ve got the name right. The school’s road is variously signposted or on maps etc. as Donald Jeans Road (with optional apostrophe) or Donald Janz Road, so I’m not sure what it’s properly called. I will go more or less empty-handed tomorrow: I have various “goodies” to take, but I want to get the lie of the land first. I don’t want to jump to early conclusions, but I’m not sure that I should be out here volunteering to teach the children of wealthy parents. Of course, maybe they’re not wealthy, but value education and Sarah’s friend with the car tells me Mrs Saraswattie rescued the school when it went bankrupt. On the other hand, he jokingly said not to tell the teachers at Thomas Gall that I’m working at Leeds International as “they compete”, so maybe TG isn’t all that different from LI. Perhaps all this angst is for nothing at all: I’ll probably just go with the flow.mystery drink

Sylvia warned me to expect a drink and it’s just arrived. Some sort of white smoothy. It is thick enough for the straw to stand in it and block the straw in use. A local fruit pulped: the taste is a mix of grapefruit and banana, very likeable. If I got the story correct, a local resident handed in the last two of her crop for Sylvia, who insisted I try it. Shame they’re the last!




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