Dozing by the Pool

I’ve been very lazy today. Breakfast was more supermarket-style white bread barely toasted, with butter, jam and tea. The jam is an amazing unnatural pinky-red, with day-glo properties that never came from any plant.

Not that’s there no naturally bright colours around. A couple of times I’ve spotted distant bright, bright, bright yellow birds a bit smaller than a crow. I’m told they’re golden orioles, but haven’t yet seen one close-up, let alone been able to get a photo.

After breakfast I simply slobbed by the pool, staring into space, occasionally considering plans for a wee trip somewhere.

After a bit, I girded my loins and carried on up the road past the hotel to the summit. It was only a ten-minute stroll, but the combination of steepness, temperature and humidity had me fair puggled. The view is great and hard to do justice to in a photo (bad workmen… I know!): rolling vegetation consisting of coconut palms, banana trees and dozens of others that I can’t name but which look suitably exotic.

I obviously don’t have the animal magnetism of San Brian de los Picos as, although I did attract a canine follower, it was only medium-sized and of the run of-the-mill scabby brown variety showing no real loyalty on my return to the hotel.

An interesting thing happened as I walked up the road. I came upon what I think must be a monitor lizard: people with better internet access can confirm if they wish. It was about the size of a cat, puffing itself up and making wheezy sounds when approached too closely. The dog soon backed off, after an initial interest.

lizard dog lizard 3

Back to the pool and a cooling dip.

Mid-morning, Sylvia arrived. Her room, which I pass as I walk along the balcony, is much the same as mine, to all appearances, but there’s been much more of an effort put into decorating it: vase of flowers, little rag mats, attractive bed-throw etc. She came across and talked to me soon after she arrived. The hotel gave us both a coconut to drink. Incidentally, the hotel doesn’t stock alcohol: I think they bring it in for weddings and other special requests, but it has no bar as such.

To my shame, I fell asleep this afternoon.

Later, I was invited to climb to the top of the unfinished hotel to admire the view. This building is a second establishment in the grounds: the lower floor or two seem to be in use, but the upper floors are still being built. The idea is to concentrate on weddings and other grand functions. It is called “Hotel de Mountrich”. The views were good and I took a few photos with my SLR camera, only to discover I have no lead to connect it to the computer, so for just now I’m limited to posting from the small camera.

I’ve decided to go to Kottawa Rainforest tomorrow. It’s described as an “easily accessible introduction to the rainforest”. The plan is breakfast, tuk-tuk to town and then a half-hour bus ride, visit Kottawa, and return the same way. It all sounds so simple: what can possibly go wrong?


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