Home Thoughts…

Now that D day has come, it’s all beginning to sink in! Sonia and I played a game yesterday of “what will you miss”: we concentrated on foodstuffs and came up with quite a long list. Heinz Tomato Soup featured, along with scones, cheese and mayonnaise. I imagine some of these might be available out there.

The enormity of approximately 250 curries has hit me with a gut-clenching rush. I don’t like curry. I know that’s a sweeping statement, but it’s substantially true and Sri Lankans eat curry for breakfast, lunch and tea. It provides added impetus to finding a place of my own. I start off staying in a hotel run by Chaminda, a friend of a friend; but for reasons of cost, privacy and cuisine I will do my best to find a flat or what-have-you to rent. My needs are modest: a room, kitchen and loo. Internet access would be highly desirable.

It’s just under 3 months: not a long time in some senses, but at the moment it seems to stretch to eternity.

But, I must go. Sonia will be back from visiting Granny, Sarah has rung up to say goodbye, I spoke to Jo yesterday, lunch will be required and then I’m off.

Speak soon


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