TMB6 Murder most foul

Is murdering a song illegal? B and I have arrived in the village of Argentiere and across the road a young woman with a guitar and amplifier has turned “Norwegian Wood” to ashes and done unspeakable atrocities to “Wish You Were Here” (naturally we don’t). There have been lots of other crimes, but I don’t feel able to bring myself to mention them.

Last night’s stay at the Plough Inn was a mixture of irritation and Zen-like acceptance. The food was OK, though unexceptional, the bed was OK but not very comfortable and the road outside which seemed to go from nowhere in particular to somewhere without a name, got increasingly busy and noisy. I didn’t get a good night’s sleep, though I think B managed. It also turned out the UTMB event was just the wimpy version: only 38 kilometres and the full thing is today.

Incidentally, she’s now buggaring up “Leila”: apologies for my language.

Today didn’t quite to go plan. We had decided to do the less-demanding ascent as far as the Col de Balme, but somehow managed to take the wrong path and had a very long haul up a very steep hill under a fiery sun. We never quite found the Col – or the wee snack bar we were hoping for – and after a bit of fossicking about took another long descent to Tre Le Champ where we finally got a sandwich and cold drink before a pleasant riverside stroll to our hotel in Argentiere.

The weather today has again been magnificent: a bit hot for walking to be honest, but we’re now back in view of Mont Blanc with its ridiculously dramatic pointy bits and it’s glaciers glinting in the sun so we’ve had a super backdrop.

Argentiere is a nice wee place, despite their penchant for musical torture, though a bit touristy for my liking. The beer is good though. Our next few days are centred on Chamonix, returning each evening to our hotel there by gondola. No, we’re not in Venice.

I lost a few hundred words a moment ago, so I’ll stop now. The passive over the road seems to have hung up her electron as well, so things are really looking up!


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