I must be a glutton for punishment as I’m trying again.

This may sound like selfsatisfaction, but assuming I reach the end of a sentence stick with it. I think B and I are doing pretty well: over 2500+m cols, steep ascents and descents, 170km of track, 11 days etc. The Ultratrail of Mont Blanc (UTMB) follows the exact same route as us, takes about 36 hours of day and night running non stop and they’ll pass by in the next few hours, if my French isn’t letting me down. It almost makes me feel humble.

Once again, the weather has been brilliant: I’m as brown as a berry and this is our last night in Switzerland. We are staying in La Grande Ourse (Ursa Major = The Plough) Hotel  in Trient. There’s a similarity to Fawlty Towers: we’ve twice had to rescue the washing / mend the washing line for the Yugoslavian chambermaid. I don’t think her name’s Manuel, but as she only speaks Serbo Croat I’m not sure. The manager is actually very pleasant, but couldn’t run a pissup in a brewery: lost room keys, wandering off for a kip just as customers arrive….

On the other hand, we have a room – in fact a whole dortoir – to ourselves, the weather is lovely, the views though not quite as dramatic as a few days back, are lovely and our luggage arrived before us. UBS haven’t turned down our mortgage application so the beer is still available.

Today’s walk wasn’t too hard and we must be getting on OK as we beat the book time by an hour and half, though not quite UTMB standard. At a remote buvette in the hills, we had possibly the best pear tart I’ve ever eaten, certainly the best I’ve ever had at a col surrounded by a herd of cows all wearing bell’s and kicking up quite a tintinabulous racket.

The Kindle ‘s battery’


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  1. Hoist with my own apostrophic petard.

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