You’re probably used to my ranting and raging, but I’ve just done something stupid and deleted a hour’s worth of typing. As you, dear reader, may be a sensitive soul I will moderate my language and merely say that Shakespeare must have felt much the same when Anne Hathaway lit the fire with his first draft of “Hamlet”. So here we go again, but I’ll probably do less proofreading. At least old WS didn’t have to write by tapping a glass sheet one letter at time. But then I suppose he had to keep sharpening his quill.

Switzerland’s not cheap. To save money, last night B suggested we buy a bottle of Pastis rather than sit in a bar. It seemed a good idea at the time and to be honest it’s helping me get over the disappointment described above. Two or three glasses on the balcony led to us being a little late for 7pm dinner, so B suggested we buy a bottle of wine with the meal to ingratiate ourselves with the management. It turned out we’d only bought a half bottle: I think the IMF have to authorise the cost of a full bottle. The meal was OK, but I didn’t come here to eat curried chicken, even nouvelle cuisine a la Suisse: I can reject that at home. After dinner, B (his idea again, geddit?) suggested a walk up the road to the auberge we’d been in earlier in the afternoon. It turned out they had Ardbeg and, as we were feeling homesick, we applied for a mortgage and had a couple each.  Last time I reached this point, I went into detail about an “acteur” we met, but life’s too short…



In the last two minutes, I’ve had two more crashes and I’m about to go bonkers. We’re in Champex, I’ve lost several hundred words but we’re fine, as is the weather. Effing technology. I ”ll try again tomorrow, blood pressure permitting.


One response to “TMB4

  1. Join my world when I try to type on my iPad and get into seriously agricultural language with its spell checker and “helpful suggestions”. Thought of you at the weekend when I went to Little Sparta. Go and renew the mortgage and have another drink, it may not help the typing but at least you won’t notice,

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