On Thursday past, I got up at 4:30am. 12 hour later, Brian Macgill and I were just missing a shuttle bus from Geneva airport to Les Houches, near Chamonix. It didn’t really maatter as we were booked on the 5pm shuttle, but it just shows how quickly you can move around in this modern world.

Before I go any further, please let me aapologise for likely typos: the wee keyboard I link to my Kindle is a bit erratic and sometimes doesn’t respond to keypresses but at other times tries to compensate by producing a string of letters when I barely think of touching the keys. I’ll correct the errors I find but as this is the second time I’ve tried to type up some rubbish to post, I’m beginning to lose patience with the gadget.

Our Les Houches hotel was good: the room comfortable and the food good, but I was soon fast asleep, which seems to be a theme of this trip so far.

We set out on Friday morning, which was clear and crisp and our first significant hillside was climbed by the simple expedieent of caatching the Bellevue gondola and ascending 800m. This is not cheating, or so we reckoned, aas it allowed us to take the harder vaariant of the Tour du Mont Blanc for the rest of the day. We strode out under blue skies and crossed a suspension bridge over a torrent (a French word for a river of snow-melt round here) and arrived at a little refuge where we stopped for a coffee / Coke. After this we marched on, eventually dropping down into Les Contamines. Les C is a nice wee village and I reckoned, from memory of the map, that our Hotel was at the far end of the village. When we didn’t find it, we went back to the village aand felt obliged to buy a couple of beers so wwe could ask the owner where our hotel was. It waas in fact a bit further than we had gone before turning back, but all felt great as we sat in the sun, admired our view and congratulated each other on our progress. So much that we had a second beer before waalking back to our hotel.

Just beyond the end of Les C. is a holiday village – chalets etc. and our hotel existed to serve them. Our luggage had maagically arrived aahead of us, but we were disaappointed to also get a bill for the previous night’s wine, which necessitated a phone call back to Les Houches. The guy at reception was helpful and even restarted the wireless router when we commented it wasn’t working. Nevertheless, the internet conneection was impossibly slow and we gave up trying. Our meaal conssissted of ssoup, Tartiflette (a local speciality of tatties, baacon and cheese) and home made ice cream. Let me state now that Sonia’s ice cream is better.

LOOK: this the third time I’ve attempted to write this blasted blog. Five minutes ago I had almost 1000 words and theen the whole blasted thing went offline and I lost half of my work.

We are alive and well, in Courmayeur where it’s raaining as it has been much of the day with low cloud and limited visibility. If I don’t stop now I’ll probably lose my raag with this blasted setup. I may try again tomorrow, but Tuesday we’ll be in a remote spot so you won’t hear from me. I’m pretty p****ed off with this loss of an hour’s typing and yes I have been saving it as I went – supposedly.

Over and out.



One response to “TMB1

  1. Glad that, apart from keyboard all is well. Ev and I spent a happy time at the Old Mill yesterday pruning and hacking. i felt morally obliged to return today to deal with the mountain of clippings. Very hot work! Surprisingly warm here. Enjoy the week. x

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