Such Sweet Sorrow

Today’s walk was really pretty straightforward: we left Florac, and our great wee quaint hotel, glancing again and again at the locus of yesterday’s heroics. Eventually we turned away and headed East with a small amount of climbing until we reached the wide level path of a railway line that had fallen foul of some French Dr Beeching. It was on here that we met up with Odile, Gilles, Mimi and Michel who were coming to meet us. All 6 of walked to the old station near Casagnas where, true to their word, our friends had assembled a superb picnic. Whilst it lacked “lashings of ginger beer”, it was copiously supplied with delicious ham, sausage, tomatoes, bread, radishes, rose wine, red wine, various cheeses etc. For dessert, Mimi had cooked individual potions of clafoutis, which was delicious. We finished off with coffee and a quotation in French from RLS, then Michel gave Laurie a small booklet with some of his Cevennes-inspired poetry, which was a lovely thought.
After this, the fact that Laurie had booked a Chambre d’Hotes 2Km off the route seemed less important! We waved goodbye to our friends and walked on to Le Mimentois which has a superb location and excellent accommodation. It has the fanciest shower cubicle I have ever seen. You have no hope of understanding all its features without either an Honours Degree in Plumbing or a five year subscription to Ideal Home. Apart from the large rectangular shower-head and the built-in folding seat, there are also a smaller conventional shower and two columns of jets which apparently squirt water horizontally. All these are controlled by a couple of turning, twisting and pushing knobs. The cubicle itself would be quite big enough for a medium-sized orgy, but I must admit I shut the bathroom door quickly when Laurie commented the shower would easily be big enough for two!
The washing we did in Florac was still wet when we left this morning, so we are glad of the sunshine and agreeable wind: if these fail to work their magic on my underwear, we will have to resort to the hot towel rail.
We thought we’d probably be alone tonight, but there is a group of Germans here, who are traveling with a donkey.
While I remember, I want to comment on a small purchase I made in Le Pont de Montvert. I had run out of toothpaste and went into the local pharmacy expecting to come out with a tube of Colgate or similar, however the range was limited. I never knew you could get homeopathic toothpaste and I can’t say that I’m greatly taken with lemon as a flavour to clean your teeth with!


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