Day 2 in Mende

Today started slowly. My night had been filled with dreams, all quite decent but needless to report here, other than to say I spent a lot of time on a bus of less than amiable football supporters. There was also some business about being late for a class I had to teach.
After breakfast we all went out in the car. O&G were keen to take us to a restaurant, but L&I insisted it was our treat. To stop this becoming a series of gastronomic reviews, I’ll simply say the meal, which was in a bucolic establishment specialising in local cooking was very good and took 3 hours. We visited a small village with a lovely church and saw various other landmarks: a waterfall, some basalt slabs (“the midget’s causeway” as Laurie named it) and a lake amongst other things. We also dropped in on an old friend of Laurie’s – a Scotsman called Jack – who was equally interested in the Ryder Cup. Spirits were high when it became clear Europe had beaten America. Jack lives, with his Swedish wife, in a marvellous old house that he had renovated himself (with a little help from Laurie many years ago).IMG_20140928_124139IMG_20140928_170033
Back to the house, some watched a short tv show contrasting French & German ways of life. I wrote this and hoped for a fairly early night. Tomorrow will be our last full day here in Mende: Odile has to go to school and L&I are considering walking up Mont Mimat, the hill that dominates the town and which has a cross on the top, which is lit up at night. We are both enjoying being here, being looked after very hospitably and – particularly in Laurie’s case – seeing old friends, but after a week’s walking it seems strange to be in the same place for so long.


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