Going, Going, Gone

I’ve just seen the bus depart to the airport, full of rather wistful toubabs and their fellow Gambians. There was an official departure ceremony with certificates and snivels, followed by Bennachin (spicy rice) and then they were gone.

If they’re still at the airport when I depart at 11:30, I’ll try to let you know!

It’s been a good trip and over all a lot of work has been done. We were all made extremely welcome and the thanks for all our efforts were undoubtedly genuine. Personally, I hope this trip inspires the group members to see their place in the world, consider their own society’s strengths and weaknesses and to have a desire for real travel in the future, possibly involving gap years or some other form of volunteering. There is nothing wrong with “tourist” travel, but it’s so much more valuable – and enjoyable – to see the world behind the beach front hotels etc.

I’ll post a few last photos.

Anyway, that’s enough from me.


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