Here today, Gone tomorrow

As we reach the end of these trips, there is always a rather flat feeling: work is almost finished, the beach has been visited for the last time, time hangs a little heavy.

Today has been no exception. There was a little painting to be done and Tosh spent an interminable time still failing to get £700 of Gamscot money to finish the computer lab. The system, designed to ensure accountability, is just too complicated – Tosh has been trying on and off since he got here to access the money and his last chance is now tomorrow morning before the group leave in the afternoon.

Some of the group went to the nearby craft market this morning and another group went to Serrekunda market this afternoon.

The kids have been making up gifts for their counterparts and starting to pack up. The bus will collect them at 12:30 for a 2:50 flight. You can either sail through the formalities at Banjul’s Yumdum Airport or you can be held up for ages: in the past both of these scenarios have happened, so Tosh rightly prefers having a last go at the Gambian national sport at the terminal rather than rushing at breakneck speed through the traffic, as we ended up doing one year.

I on the other hand fly out at 11:30pm, have a stopover in Barcelona and then continue, arriving in Edinburgh on Thursday afternoon, at which point my Senior Citizen’s Bus Pass will come into play for the journey to Inverness.

I’ve been tasked with producing twenty one “Certificates of Appreciation”, which wasn’t too big a job, but the printer here is slow and it’ll take about an hour and a half to print them all: even I can’t play Freecell for that long, so I’ll risk a paper jam and leave them. Let’s hope the power stays on!

I might manage a brief blog tomorrow to confirm the group’s departure.


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