Nuts about Monkeys

Everyone was a bit tired today after our exertions at Kerewan, so it was a slowish start. A number were also feeling the effects of Banjul Belly. However, the order of the day for most was painting. One group got stuck into painting the walls round the clothes washing area, another group redid the skirting in the IT lab and scraped the floor to remove the mess mostly made by our Gambia counterparts. I spent a couple of hours with Malang on Microsoft Access, whilst the other Doug repainted the Gambian flag on the outside of the building. Later on, Adrian and I started scraping the old paint from the Scottish flag that counterbalances the Gambian one.

Yesterday, Tosh calculated that the group could fund new doors in the Inn and today a large pile of mahogany arrived for that purpose. Tosh and Adrian were drooling at the quality and relatively low price of the wood, but briefly paused to consider that areas of Senegal are being deforested for this purpose.

In the afternoon, the group went to Bijilo – the monkey park. I stayed behind, having been there many a time and also having to do my Access homework for continuing with Malang tomorrow. A couple of the girls opted to stay close to a loo and thus remained at base as well.

After lunch, Alasana accompanied Tosh to the hospital in Banjul to get his ear syringed in case it helped him hear again. Currently, it doesn’t seem to have worked, so I’m still safe being rude about him.

It looks as though a game or two may take place this evening.

Going back to yesterday, we were discombobulated when the minibuses to the beach arrived twenty minutes early. However, things settled down to the norm at six o’clock when we waited to after 6:30 for them to return, and even then only one turned up. Some of us therefore came back in a tourist canvas top pickup. The waves were very big and the undertow very strong, so we had to content ourselves with playing in the shallows. On top of this our usual beach haunt, Jula’s Bar, had been closed by the Gambian tourist authority, so the visit was fun, but not quite so much as usual.


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