Power to the People

It’s five o’clock on Thursday and the power’s been on all day so far. I’m sure Miss Lowe didn’t tell me, but when I rolled up to teach the class one of the girls said “We have exam today”, so I ended up invigilating whilst Miss Lowe typed up exam papers for someone else. As I still had Abass’ “data card” I was able to surf the net and managed to download files of world data from the UN, so I have now knocked together a database for another day or two.

At three o’clock I was meeting with this drama wifie. She was a lovely lady and we chatted for a while. The theatre is a great building: the auditorium is spacious and can be blacked out, at least partially. The stage is raised, as are some tiered rostra at the back of the auditorium. With central aisle as well as a passage up each side it is a flexible space. It rather reminded me of the Globe Theatre, but is all inside: the stage even has a couple of pillars and there is a first floor balcony runs almost the whole way round the auditorium. Absolutely perfect for Romeo and Juliet, but in fact it was Hiawatha they were rehearsing while I was there. A group of young English actors are coming over for a combined performance on 5th April: with luck I – and some of the IRA gang – may get to see it, but we may be in Kerewan.

When I got back from the meeting, I was greeted by the sight of a management meeting in the restaurant – a new development. When I reached my room, I was further greeted by the slow filling of my cistern as I’d only been away for an hour. Some things never change.

I have been provided with a small bedside cabinet, courtesy of Malain. He apologised that it was just “manual”, but promised to get handles for the drawers so it became “automatic”. I spent a while chatting to Malain today. When you get past the manager / guest relationship, it is clear he is another man with ideas. I met him knocking up a set menu, with daily specials, that they plan to offer for local and nearby workers. I tentatively pointed out an example of Gamblish spelling and he was delighted, asking me to check his work for more. He is also working on a more up-market a la carte menu. I think he will prove my most committed Powerpoint student. He has already said how keen he is to come to Friday’s session and is clearly excited, frequently checking on time and venue. He is an experienced hotel worker and has a diploma or something in Hotel Management from (a polytechnic in) Oxford. I might ask him for an introduction to Jeffery Archer.

Talking of future developments, Lamin the Net and I were discussing how to advertise the soon to be newly refurbished IT lab. I suggested an official opening with the Minister (of Youth and Sport) and the press, followed by a public opening with an hour’s free network access and as much wonjo juice as you can drink. The important thing is that any negative perception of the PIA, and there certainly is some, is reversed.

I’m out for my tea tonight, courtesy of an invitation from Peter Fleet, also accompanied by Saikou and Rohey. I’ve given Abass his data card back, so won’t be blogging tonight.

I reckon the water in the tank on the pygmy tower will have warmed up a bit, so I’d better go and have a shower. Love you all!


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