Beach/Off Beach/On

I’ve had a very lazy day so far. The morning spent reading, then Joseph turned up about1:45. He had walked some distance to tell me that having stubbed his toe (as I understood it), he was unable to go to the beach. We sat and chatted stiltedly for a while: he offered to come tomorrow if his toe was better and maybe to walk round this evening to chat. It’s good of him to walk all the way here with a stubbed toe that’s hindering him from going to the beach.

I didn’t mention that Rohey had also suggested the beach today but I had told her about Joseph so she decided not to come. As soon as Joseph had left, I rang her up and suggested a beach visit: once she was sure Joseph wasn’t coming, she agreed and should be here within the hour. I think I’ll go a bit stir-crazy if I spend all of today in the centre.

The beach was fine: the waves weren’t as big as they often are, and there was a bit of a haze. We went back to Jula’s Bar of course (photo) and I had a short immersion in the sea, then I came back to the PIA. Omelette for tea, with chips and a bit of salad. I’ve worked out what’s odd about the “Scots Pan” loaf they’ve started serving for lunch: it’s sweet, a bit like brioche, with a hint of something like vanilla. It certainly seems peculiar with fried egg, Kraft squares etc. Not really to my taste, I must admit.

There’s something on this evening in the stadium grounds: it involves very loud music of the Afropop variety. I’ve recognised one or two of the hits out here over the last year or two, as well as African variations of a few of the standards: e.g. the old Curtis Mayfield standard “There’s a train a-coming”. On the whole, Afropop such as I’ve come across is pretty poor stuff to my mind, but who am I to judge? They probably wouldn’t like Pink Floyd!

There’s another couple staying here for a few days – they arrived last night. I first met a young male and we chatted a minute or two. I asked “Are you local” and he is, but he added with a touch of pride “And I have Swedish lady”. My mind turned to tall slim blondes – as it so often does! So I was a bit surprised to meet a dark-skinned, medium height girl with black hair. I suppose Swedes think we Scots all have ginger hair. Preconceptions, eh! But she has that habit Scandinavians and Germans often have of saying “Yeah Yeah” when we would just probably just say “Aha” or “Yeah”. It makes the woman sound as if she’s constantly exasperated with the pathetically obvious comments her partner is making.

I reckon if Joseph doesn’t turn up in the next hour, I’ll have escaped. I’ll try to tell you tomorrow.


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