Not the TV game.

It’s currently lunchtime on 28th Feb in Inverness, and some other places too, so within 5 hours I’ll be on my way to Heathrow prior to tomorrow’s flight to The Gambia. Our possibly-faulty luggage scales say 21kg, our also-possibly-faulty bathroom scales say 14kg. My limit is 20kg, so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

I’m not that excited as such, but I’m certainly curious as to how the Rhun Palm Inn will be, under new management as I’m told Mousa got the order of the boot since my last visit. Dr Jagne is now Chief Executive, so things should be organised on a very different footing hereafter.

If all that makes no sense to you or if you need a wee refresher, then I suggest looking back at last year’s blog. The “Gambian People” section of this siteis now out of date, but until I get there and see how the land lies I’ll leave it as it is.

Once again my plan is to do some teaching at Bakau, but I’m also keen to travel a bit more than I have in the past: there is a scheme afoot for 2014 and I want to do some research. Last year I abandoned my plan to get to Basse in the interior because the locals were apparently complaining of the heat up there. At the moment it’s hard to imagine it getting too hot, as its a fairly dreich day: raw and overcast.

Sonia is again coming up trumps: not only has she been down to the Music Festival twice with her star pupil, she is now knocking up a load of Granny’s Cookies for me to take out to the Gambians! For the last week or so, she’s been preparing for my departure by sleeping at her mother’s: this isn’t a sign of domestic discord, but to keep an eye on the old biddy until she goes into a home in about a week’s time. Granny to the home, not Sonia.

With any luck, by the time I’m on the next installment of this I’ll be writing in The Gambia! Woo Hay!


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