Clinical Excellence

Sorry if you’re getting unwanted messages from WordPress – I’m just tidying up the site prior to going back out to The Gambia at the end of this month. I’m also trying – rather ineffectually – to recategorise pages etc.

I’ve been galvanised into re-starting the blog by one or two friends saying they hope I do it again this year and also by my trip to the GP today to get my anti-Malaria tablets. The GP charged me £15 for a brief consultation and merely gave me what I asked for (Malarone) without question. One of the chemists in town was going to charge me £3.50 a tablet, so a little online research came up with a cheaper option. I had to answer several health-related questions and then got a text from the online doctor checking up on a detail in one of my answers: an excellent service and free! I could have saved the cost of the GP visit this morning.

The weather here in Inverness is – like most of the UK, I think – cold and wet / sleety / snowy. I’m really looking forward to some sunshine and warmth. I also know that there have been big changes at the PIA in Bakau, so I’m keen to see how things are.

If you’ve stumbled across this by accident or just haven’t read last year’s blog, then I suggest you have a look at the other pages as they give you an idea of what it’s all about.

I doubt if I’ll be back blogging until early March as I arrive out there on the 1st.

Over and Out



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