Fit to be tied

Up feeling perky this morning – nothing to do with the 3 little pigs either. Slept last night for about 12 hours again and very much the better for it.

Breakfast – the usual tapalapa etc. – was actually enjoyable, so it’s safe to say I’m back on track.

Although today is Saturday, some of the Home Science students are in to do their practical tasks. One group is tie-dying, the other doing some cookery. The tie-dyers (pictures on gallery page) are working with materials bought with Gamscot money I handed over a week or so back and the results will be bed-spreads / sheets and curtains etc. for the Rhun Palm Inn. It’s good to see the money being used twice – once for teaching, once for potential revenue generation. The girls cooking were using what they reckoned were chopped potato leaves (I thought they were poisonous, so someone must be wrong somewhere), ground groundnuts and some very dubious looking fish. They assured me it will be very nice, but I think I’ll give it a body swerve if offered any. As I’ve said before, “once bitten..”.

I’m having a very lazy day today: hope to get in touch with Sonia through Skype, do some reading and generally chill, though that’s not the right word in these temperatures. Mousa arrived last night with two beers – a peace offering, I think, to compensate for my being ill. He opened the first bottle for me unbidden, I had about one mouthful and then he nudged the table and that was the bottle virtually emptied! He tells me he has spoken to a painter – an ex-volunteer at the PIA – who will come to cost painting the outside of the RPI.

Mid afternoon

It was good to have a lengthy chat with Sonia via Skype: a miraculous invention, really, and absolutely free.

I again watched the tie-dyers: it’s a much more complicated task than I realised. In this warm weather they can dye and dry two or three times, so after the first process they refold the material in origami-style formations, tightly re-tie it and go through the dyeing process once more.

Having got a word in quickly with Cecilia, I managed to avoid the mayonnaise with my lunchtime salad sandwich, which was good as it let me get the full flavour of the tomato ketchup. I was also served up fruit: bananas, an orange and an apple. So the message has got through.

All this excitement was too much for me and before I knew it I had been asleep for an hour on my bed. Since then I have been sitting in the shade reading interrupted only to take some more photos of the finished tie-dyes. Angelic (that’s a name, not a description) the Head of Home Science says all they need to do now is some stitching starching and ironing – sounds like a lot to me. If you look at the photos, I’m sure you’ll agree how impressive the results are. Typical African colours and not a beige in sight!


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