Griping in the Dark

I ended my last blog with a gripe and I’m starting today’s with another.
Hassan, who is charge of the internet-enabled lab had promised to leave the key: on the strength of that, I arranged to Skype Sonia at 12:00. First thing, I checked and was told the key was here: it then transpired Hassan came back last night, having forgotten something, and took the key with him. Abass, bless him, sent a messenger to get a spare key from a staff member some distance away and we rescheduled Skyping for 2:00. Needless to say, they key did not come back in time, so I have spent a fruitless day waiting and hanging around, as has Sonia. There is only so long you can spend watching lizards. It’s another example of the butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon, causing a storm the other side of the world. I would have used some comment about the interconnectedness of things, but connect was the very thing we didn’t! I wouldn’t like to be in Hassan’s shoes when Abass gets him on Monday.
I did manage to write up a report for Gamscot, the Scottish charity, about my visit to Kerewan, but even so I was unable to send it or several other important emails and to check on arrangements for the IRA group. There is reason to hope – I suppose you have to be optimistic – that the situation will be resolved later, but it has been a very frustrating morning and afternoon. Any time Abass telephoned the messenger, I was told “he is coming”, but at 10 to 2, when I said “Five minutes?” I was told “half an hour”. He eventually turned up at about 3:00.
Since the cleaners weren’t on duty, it being Saturday, I did a little light washing to pass the time.

When I did get into the lab, I had quite a job to work out how the connections went: they seem to have a habit here not only unplugging things from the wall, but randomly disconnecting a few data cables as well. In retrospect, it was just as well the messenger didn’t turn up with two minutes to spare or I’d have been tearing my hair out. As it was, I eventually got connected and hope to Skype Mrs M in the near future.


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