Today’s been taken up with next September’s Corsica trip. Laurie came round this morning and we both looked horrified – but undaunted! – at the demands of the GR20. Not the first time we’ve looked at it, but it doesn’t get any easier the more we do. The guide books arrived a few days ago and are full of comments along the lines of: If this bit’s hard-going then why on earth did you come in the first place? Grow up and stop whinging!

It now looks as though we will be forced to stay on the island a few days longer, due to ferry crossings, or lack of them. What a shame … another couple of days lounging around small French seaside towns, with nothing to do but bathe, have a coffee, admire the harbour, have a beer…

However, before I can earn that beer, I’m going to have to complete the GR20 and that means getting back into my fitness regime, which has been rather lost by the wayside of late. It must be a week since I’ve been and I doubt I’ll make it tomorrow. I’m considering doing some jogging in The Gambia: I’ll see how the temperature is, but a couple of laps of the stadium each day would be no bad thing.

Although Laurie was only here for an hour or two, my mind has been harping back to Corsica for most of the day, which is ridiculous as I’ve only one more whole day here, before heading south to The Gambia.

Managed to set up Skype on the new laptop and showed Sonia how to use it on the netbook, so we can keep in contact that way, at least occasionally.


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