My very first blog

When I was planning my walk last Autumn, or when I came back, a few friends asked about me writing a blog. It wasn’t practical walking in the Alps – there were no handy computers, so I’d have had to carry my laptop and the cost of connecting through a mobile phone was also prohibitive, with wifi access being even rarer than the sketchy phone signal.

So, this time, as I will have at least occasional computer access I thought I’d try this blogging lark.

Today is Valentine’s Day, but we were up sharpish and Sonia zipped off to the gym whilst I pottered around the house.

A neighbour of ours has just lost his wife and we were at the Funeral Service at 1:00 today. These things are getting milked by the Undertakers and there’s more and more stage management. As the undertaker is also an hotelier, for a moment I thought he’d said “Ladies and Gentlemen, please be upstanding to greet your Bride and Groom”, but realised he was merely asking us to stand up while the bereaved family came in. And a girl in severe black, with an ebony cane, walking in front of the hearse as it headed away to the interment… not my type, but a leggy blonde in that garb would be another matter. To die for!

Talking of domineering women, we’re going to “The Iron Lady” later.


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